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Friday, 25 April 2014

Trying my hands on poetry :)

Eyes everywhere,
watching you, following you;
Mouths everywhere,
tasting you, chewing you;
Ears everywhere,
hearing you through those walls.
What, my dear friend, have you been up to lately?


Model: Ejura of Indulge cakes. She makes the most delicious red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vision 2 years!

Hearts in the sand

The goal was to wean him at 12 months.
I failed woefully. I didn't even try.
So I pushed for 18 months which is where we are at now.
And I have tried the following:

1. Introduced him to a beverage so he can have something to fall back on. It hasn't worked. Yet.
2. Just plain refused to oblige him. It hasn't worked. Yet.
3. Put plasters over my breasts for about 5 days.It worked!

 But then (sigh), we had to queue up for fuel at this petrol station. And we were
there for about two hours. I didn't pack enough food. He got hungry and cranky. I had to do something! And I did.
So let's just say we are back to breastfeeding. (Blame it on the fuel scarcity)

And didn't WHO say Babies should be breastfed until two?read here


Monday, 14 April 2014

My Preamble and Pre- Birthday Photo Shoot with Siseng Gyang Rwang

It's easy to get discouraged when you feel you are something really special only to find out that You Win, Nigeria, Young African Leaders Initiative by President Obama and First Bank's The Writer Competition don't think so.
My conclusion at this moment (this moment because I may will feel differently about it tomorrow) is that I am done entering for competitions and fellowships and...
Instead I shall focus on improving on my skills, building castles in the air and working at actualizing my dreams.
Afterall, I have God to lean on don't I?
Plus I have learned something very vital out of these polite rejections (Dear Emdee, we are glad you applied for... but we are sorry we cannot take you this year for...). I have learned that men are really strong. They ask a girl out, she says NO rather rudely, they keep breathing and ask another out!

And now to happier things!

I had this pre-birthday photo shoot with Adorable Siseng Gyang Rwang who was a natural infront of the camera and didn't fail to entertain me with dance steps inbetween shots. She didn't cry even when she got tired and her happy smile and energy were contagious. There was also a cake smash session! Thanks to her mom who is every bit the birthday/events planner. Her Dad was amazing and it was beautiful to see the kiss he shared with his wife on his daughter's special moment. I had fun! Enjoy!
Lovely Siseng in White and Black.

Mommy got Alphabets in her name
Daddy n Mommy steal a moment! No, two moments!Don't look Sisi! lol
That moment D comes in and sweeps her off her feet. Lol!

Summer Cutie
Fairy Princess!
Purple n Pink!
Cake smash loading
My name starts with an S?
Ah, our guests!
Smash Cake by Indulge. Tasted yummy too.
You gotta love this Daddy n Mommy!

Happy Birthday Sisi love! You'd grow up to be an awesome woman in a Nigeria where peace and justice reigns!