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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Sweet Potatoes and The Woman

oliviaoyibo photography
A Very True Story from a Kitchen:

Once upon a time, a woman went to the market and returned with loads of Irish potatoes and a few Sweet potatoes.
But she loved the Irish potatoes so much that she ate them all up and still didn't bother touching the Sweet potatoes.
The Sweet potatoes begged her to cook them for her eating pleasure but she still wouldn't.
Instead, she ignored them, left them to the elements of the weather and watched them wither away.
At first, the Sweet Potatoes got really depressed. It was a rotten feeling to be unwanted, unloved, unused...
It was a painful feeling to watch Irish Potatoes get peeled, diced, washed, fried and eaten with such relish...
They cried many a tears wallowing in self pity but that didn't change the woman's mind.

After many weeks of being left out in the rain, the Sweet potatoes thought to themselves:

" It's no use trying to make her love us. We would rot and die if we continue pinning for her attention. She has left us outside to grow old and useless and the rains would bring her desires to pass. Let's forget about her for awhile and build ourselves up. There's some soil on us from all the dirt that accompanied us from the market. Let's allow this same rain that can destroy us interact with our soil and sprout on us gardens of green leafy plants!"

 And with their decision made, they faced the terror of the rain and the heat of the sun with all the strength they could muster-knowing that it was working something really special on their inside.

It wasn't long before they sprouted. Every single one of them!

And one day, the woman came out with the intention of throwing them all away but was greeted with the most amazing sight!

Five old and worn Sweet potatoes smiling green with life!

Too speechless for words, she pulled out her camera and shot at them with wonder.
She couldn't throw them away and she couldn't eat them either.
Instead she watched them grow everyday into this sweet green garden.

And then it suddenly dawned on the Sweet potatoes that there were finer purposes in life than being eaten.

                                                                    ***The end***

Guess who the woman in the story was? It turns out she is also a Sweet Potato...selah...hehehehe
 Happy Democrazy Democracy day Nigeria!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Wedding Decor by Red Diamond Events

I walked into the tent and I was blown away.
Dreamy, romantic and passionate are words that came to mind. Now, tie them all up in this huge ball of simplicity. I imagined the couple, the utter pleasure they would derive from having their reception held in such an inspiring ambiance. All those petals, candles floating in huge glasses, purple covers, red satins, amazing flowers (I forget the name now. It's not like I studied Botany).

And as I captured shot after shot, I was reminded with every click of my camera that the room was entirely beautiful. Red Diamond Events did an amazing job. Contact them if you want that magic added to your day. And then you can call me for your photography. It's really that simple.

Oh yes, the flowers are Orchids! Just remembered (I go school). And shout out to Ademola Olaniran. Thanks guy! Follow him here.

The Origin Of Sagging

It's a trend I do not understand.
I haven't even tried to.
Wearing trousers on your feet, boxers on your knees and your bare butt on your butt...
What's there to understand?
However, very recently, whilst watching Discovery Channel, I had this light bulb moment!
It suddenly hit me, the origin of sagging!

See pictures for yourself:

But here's the deal: Baboons have a valid reason for putting their butts on display.
I am yet to find out the homosapiens' reasons.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Through a plastic cup

Photo by Olivia Oyibo

Photographing Lexi

At first, I was obviously the stranger whatwith this hideous contraption of a camera in hand. Bright eyes set in a yellow chubby face regarded me curiously as I bent over to her level.
 " Kuchi, kuchi, googoo, gaga" I spoke babynese. (I hope)
But she didn't crack a smile. If anything she cried a little. So her mom and I thought it best to put the camera down and have us get to know each other a little. (Same advice I would give adults-Put down those smart phones and turn off the TV sets everynow and then. Have some real conversations for Pete's sake! But then, I digress).
And that did the trick.
Little Lexi was a fireball of action, fun and fairytale (Though she's quite the tomboy I hear).

Enjoy a few of our pictures with mom's permission.

The lady in pink

See, I can smile too
Thumbs up!
Behind the curtains
Ah, what's a shoot without big brother?

Oh, let me be!
Bob The Builder?

Happy Birthday Alexis love! Here's wishing you a Nigeria where Girl Child Marriage and Boko Haram Abductions do not exist!


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

# Bring Back Our Girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nightmare in which I am Nigerian

"Awaiting Dawn" by olivia oyibo
Sometimes, I feel I am in this bad dream and when I wake, I'd find out I am really Canadian or American or French or Ghanaian.

See, in this bad dream I am Nigerian- a country where lawlessness is celebrated, where teenagers are locked up for stealing phones while pot bellied politicians break away with billions of our naira in dollars and in property.

See, in this bad dream, our president trivialises corruption by saying " It's JUST stealing" while his wife cries in the name of God on TV making a mockery of the intellect of the average Nigerian.

In this dream, students get killed because they happen to be trying to get an education (For which there are no jobs but they don't know this yet) and 200 Chibok girls get abducted but life goes on as usual.

Except that the first lady interrupts life by making that show of crying on TV because the international community has put us on the spot. (Oh, repitition abi? I mentioned this already third paragraph above)

In this dream, I feel so powerless about making any positive changes ( I wore a head gear for my son and put up # bring back our girls# on BBM).

So, I go to a salon for a hair retouch (12 weeks of new growth), go shopping for clothes with cousins, watch TV, improve on my photography and google Immigration Canada.

Then at Night, I remember those girls and whisper a prayer for their rescue and thank God that me and mine are safe.

And as I slip into another dream, I hope to God that it is the one from which I shall awaken to my American heritage.

Where my blood is worth more than a show of tears put together by a first lady and her aides.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bring Back Our Girls!!!

oliviaoyibo photography
Until they become women, girls have the right to eat candies, play with dolls, play ten-ten, crush on boys, imagine they are princesses, day dream about fairy tale weddings and have an education.

No where does this include being abducted by Boko Haram.

Bring Back Our Girls!