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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hey Mom, It's My Shadow!

I hear my little one crying. He is outdoors playing and I am scared he may have hurt himself.
I come out to see what is going on and I see him wailing and pointing at the ground. I think for an instant he may have hurt his feet but he is at the same time awkwardly moving backwards like he is running away from something.
Finally I see it.
It's his shadow!
He is trying to run away from his shadow and crying because the black mass on the ground keeps following him.
I go to him laughing my heart out and with the help of the other kids around, show him that we all have shadows and that our shadows follow us all.
Soon, he is laughing and having a lot of fun with this new found friend.
It simply is beautiful watching kids learn about the world around them. They teach us to appreciate life in its uttermost simplicity.

Olivia Oyibo Photography

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