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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

They Broke Into My Home...(A summary)

I was startled out of sleep by this loud crashing noise!
It was pitch black when I opened my eyes.
I heard footsteps, hushed voices and I knew my one nightmare had become a reality.
There were people in my house. 2am at night. Alone with the baby. People in my house.

My body trembled with fear and confusion.
I grabbed my sleeping toddler and held him close as I heard footsteps approach my door.
It wasn't locked so entrance was easy.
Three men shone light in my face from the torches they held.
Their weapons grinned darkly at me.

Oh, why did my husband have to travel that day? Oh, why didn't my sister return home that night?
"Wia the money? The 2.5million Naira? We no go touch you if you give us the money. So try make you cooperate." Their speaker managed some English through a thick Hausa accent and brown dirty teeth.
I let them have the money I had. It was my tithe. I was supposed to give it in church the previous Sunday except that I didn't make it to church.
Then, they turned my room upside down. My always tidy room made to look like a dump by hungry boys who like hyenas wait for the lioness to catch prey so they can feast.

For a moment, I felt pity deep down my heart for them...for the hunger, laziness, hopelessness, covetousness, poverty that would make able bodied men break into homes not theirs and wreak havoc and damage not necessary.

Then they took the laptops-Mine, my husband's and my sister's.
And I got angry.
I hadn't finished watching Game of Thrones! Season 4 was on my husband and sister's laptops! How dare them (they?)?!

They made me watch as they trashed my sister's room. She had just made money from some job. It was in her room. They took it.
They made me get them a box of matches so they could take a smoke break.
They made me find them bags for their booty-Jewelry, Unsewn fabrics, Laptops...
Memories burnt on the laptops all gone.
Pictures of my son, months and months of creative photography...gone in one night.

And as they turned to leave, one of them returned to me.
He threw a crumpled Five hundred Naira note at me.
"Madam, Manage this 500 naira buy yourself something for morning. And make you the pray for us so that we no go come back. Na our country condition cause am"

"Yes Sir", was my humble reply.


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  2. A terrible experience, thank God there is life and no bodily harm to u and David.

  3. Yes it was and I am glad we weren't hurt. Thanks for stopping by Anon.