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Monday, 22 September 2014

The Great Outdoors

I'm glad I was born in the 80s.
That sweet era were being a child was truly magical.
Before those Ipads and Android devices and all sorts of computerized toys and games replaced the sheer joy of climbing trees, playing Ten Ten, chasing Fara, digging ant holes and cooking gourmet three course meals with sand and stones...
All that's changed today. Houses are built these days with not a single patch of grass in sight-interlocking tiles are preferred instead. Trees are none existent. Sand? God forbid! Back Yards and Court yards? Gone with the Land Lords' addiction to BQs. (Not that you can blame them. The BQs provide additional funds to cover mortgage repayments what with those insane interest rates banks lend money at).
Anyway, I want my little one to have a taste of what I enjoyed growing up so I have embarked on creating a play area for him. I am far from done but he already utilizes the space a great deal.
See a few pictures below:

Bamboo Fence and artificial grass

Stone corner. Ignore the wet wall please. Here he becomes Julius Berger's Engineer.

For some reason I never had the heart to get rid of these plastic cups which previously contained yogurt. Today, my son and his friends fill them with stones and squeal "Ice Cream!"

There's still so much for me to do-Get artificial trees and plants, play area sand, a blackboard, wall stickers, outdoor tent or play house, a rocking horse etc

I'd be sure to let you see the finished play area soon.

Time to retire for the night.

Good Night. 

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