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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Let down your hair and eat some cake

Sometimes, you have to Pause,
And remind yourself that Rome wasn't built in a day;
                             that challenges eventually birth greatness;
                                        that you are not ALONE.
 What goes up eventually comes down,
                      But what grows up stays there.

And no one ever said growing up was easy.
                Ask that little baby travailing with teething;
                             or that one trying to walk.    
                     Remember your budding breasts and the pain that came with them?
 Remember your first encounter with red and the sudden realization that you were no longer that  little girl?
      Remember the pain of crushing on some guy who never  noticed you?
             All but the faintest of memories today...
                          Gone with the winds of yesterday.
                                    Blown away like chaff in the wind.
Sometimes, you have to Pause,
                          Look back at how far you have come. 
                                  So many wonderful pages yet unwritten...
                                         So many victories yet unclaimed.
     So  Pause, Exhale, Relax.
                            Let down your hair.
                                            Eat some cake...
From Next, Abuja


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